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The B.Sc. nursing degree program is a four-year fulltime program comprising eight semesters, which prepares B.Sc. nursing graduates qualified to practice nursing and midwifery in a variety of settings in either public/government or private healthcare settings.

  1. Produce knowledgeable competent nurses and midwives with clear critical thinking skills who are caring, motivated, assertive and well-disciplined responding to the changing needs of profession, healthcare delivery system and society. 

  2. Prepare them to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services in any healthcare setting. 

  3. Prepare nurses and midwives who can make independent decisions in nursing situations within the scope of practice, protect the rights of individuals and groups and conduct research in the areas of nursing practice and apply evidence based practice. 

  4. Prepare them to assume role of practitioner, teacher, supervisor and manager in all healthcare settings.


B.Sc. Nursing Program Structure

I Semester

1. Communicative English 

2. Applied Anatomy 

3. Applied Physiology 

4. Applied Sociology 

5. Applied Psychology 

6. *Nursing Foundations I


Mandatory Module 

 *First Aid as part of Nursing  Foundation I Course

IV Semester

1. *Pharmacology II 

2. Pathology II & Genetics 

3. Adult Health Nursing II with

   integrated pathophysiology

   including Geriatric Nursing 

4. Professionalism, Professional

   Values & Ethics including


Mandatory Module

  *Fundamentals of Prescribing

   under Pharmacology II  *Palliative care module under

  Adult Health Nursing II

VII Semester

1. Community Health Nursing II 

2. Nursing Research & Statistics 

3. Midwifery/Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) Nursing II 


Madatory Modules

*Safe delivery app under OBG

Nursing I/II (VI/VII Semester)

II Semester

1. Applied Biochemistry

2. Applied Nutrition and Dietetics 

3. *Nursing Foundations II

4. Health/Nursing Informatics &




Mandatory Module

 *Health Assessment as part of    Nursing Foundation II Course

V Semester

1. *Child Health Nursing I 

2. Mental Health Nursing I 

3. Community Health Nursing I (including

     Environmental Science & Epidemiology) 

4. Educational Technology/Nursing Education 

5. Introduction to Forensic Nursing and Indian



Mandatory Modules 

 *Essential Newborn Care (ENBC),

 Facility Based Newborn Care (FBNBC),

 IMNCI and PLS as part of Child Health Nursing

III Semester

1. Applied Microbiology and

   Infection Control including    Safety 

2. Pharmacology I 

3. Pathology I 

4. *Adult Health (Medical Surgical)

     Nursing I with integrated



Mandatory Module 

 *BCLS as part of Adult Health Nursing 

VI Semester

1. Child Health Nursing II 

2. Mental Health Nursing II 

3. Nursing Management & Leadership 

4. *Midwifery / Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) Nursing I 



Mandatory Module 

* SBA Module under OBG Nursing I/II (VI/VII Semester)

VIII Semester

Internship (Intensive Practicum/Residency Posting)

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