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As per rules of Indian Nursing Council GNM students are required to have 75% attendance in theory and 100% attendance for clinical field. The student must complete attendance as per theory and clinical hours prescribed by the Indian National Council. There are no provisions for leave in new GNM syllabus except for prepration leave. Therefore leave will only be granted in exceptional cases. With immediate effect following rules will be followed for grant of leave to GNM students:

  1. Leave will only be asked for in extreme cases. 

  2. The student concerned will write an application addressed to the Principal giving the reason for asking leave and dates leave is required for. 

  3. The application will be submitted after recommendations of class coordinator to the provosts. 

  4. The provosts will sign the gate pass if required and submit the applications to the Vice Principal thereafter for record.

  5. In case of Hostel students same procedure will be followed except that during the time school is closed they will directly apply to provosts.

  6. In case of any reasons provosts are not available then the student may approach warden who will only permit the student to leave hostel after taking permission from principal. 

  7. Under nor circumstances student will be permitted to leave the campus/hostel without signed permission from Provosts and or Vice Principal. 

  8. The warden will only sign gate pass after permission has given by provosts/Vice Principal

  9. Under no circumstances the students will absent themselves without permission.

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